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96 years being the best

Est . 1928

96 years made us the oldest and most luxury outdoor aluminum  furniture brand all around the world . That’s because, simply put, there was no Cast Aluminum outdoor furniture industry before Landgrave came along.


The first to Cast Aluminum into luxury outdoor designs, the first to place an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for Cast outdoor furniture since its founding in 1928.

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quality made all around the world

Quality. It’s an obsession for us—the quality of our designs, materials, craftsmanship, service, even the quality of our lives. Whatever we do, it has to be the best, starting with our aluminum.


kings of outdoor furniture

Jose Landgrave Mexico store.heic

the legend

It all began in 1928 when Pablo and Jose Landgrave German Blood Entrepreneurs established Landgrave Manufacturing in Mexico, thanks to the warm climate, began their obsession that later became his passion for outdoor furniture combined with art.

1935 — Landgrave is consolidated as a luxury outdoor furniture international brand with the highest quality and vanguard.

1975 — Landgrave It's a brand with European blood that decides to open the Nicaragua factory because of the intricate craftsmanship and quality labor.

1985 — Landgrave launches the Centurion collection which soon becomes a best seller for the brand.

2001 — Landgrave despite the lack of control in the world, Landgrave exceeds 20 million dollars in sales this year.

2007 — Landgrave breaks record and becomes a world trend.

2019 — The 4th Landgrave generation enters the business giving the brand a new look.

2022 — After 94 years of tradition Landgrave launches it's first contemporary collection.

2024 — The new era begins starting with, Synthetic Wicker, Cord and Strap along with aluminum.

In 1928, Mr. Pablo Landgrave and son, José Landgrave  established in México, Landgrave a company dedicated to the manufacturing of metal furniture.

As a registered commercial brand, Landgrave was named after its founder, Pablo Landgrave, joining the experience of fourth generation workers in the manufacturing of  cast aluminum pieces, placing Landgrave among the best outdoor furniture brands around the world.

Nowadays, Landgrave is a wholly-renowned  Mexican trade mark, becoming one of the most important leaders worldwide outdoor furniture.

Thanks to its quality legacy, our people mix old world skills, with today’s most advanced technology,  to create legitimate art craft pieces with characteristics of extreme elegance and durability, under the prestige of a brand which has remained at the preference of our consumers during decades.



With 96 years of experience and aimed with the support of more than 300 employees, our new plan in Nicaragua exports one hundred percent of its production, to countries such as the United States, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, England, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Arabian Emirates, New Zealand, South and Central America and The Caribbean, among others.

Each piece in Landgrave has been designed and manufactured through the most meticulous  processes, considering our customers´ most deep needs. Spacious pieces of furniture; more proportionate and plush cushions, combined with the most beautiful fabrics and finishes and a expense variety of finishes, will make any garden and patio, the elegant place to be in, accentuating the architectural style of your home.

Searching features such as comfort,  resistance, durability and design in every furniture piece we manufacture, our processes starts with a conscientious controlled alloy, allowing characteristics of  strength, smoothness and flexibility required for the molding of such intricate and fanciful shapes in our designs.



One of our most ambitious goals is to maintain and constantly improve our manufacturing processes, with state of the art technology; the most improved techniques and the best handcrafted operators.

For this reason, Landgrave is one of the foremost leaders in the Cast Aluminum Industry, around the world.

Landgrave has an immense variety of pieces within every collection and each one of it, can be complemented with a large variety of accessories like pedestals, urns, columns, backer racks just to mention some. Landgrave’s umbrellas are one hundred percent aluminum manufactured, as well as their structures and bases.They provide  the perfect combination, when matching any collection finish is required.

A wide selection of accessories and tables; table tops; cast tops, cast mosaic tops, floating cast tops; marble, stone impression; glass and porcelain tops, complement your choice of Landgrave’s designs to accent any setting from casual, to classic or contemporary.



A world of texture and color, select our fabrics and slings.

Possibilities are endless when selecting shapes that are fluid, lines that flow and colors that shine. More than fifty tapestry options are available from classic to vanguardist and contemporary.

Our selection contrasts with a wide variety of cords, fringes and chair ties, enhancing the elegance of our cushions.

The best quality and prestigious brands like Sumbrella, Twitchel, Cone Fabrics and Sunberry are available for you to dress any of our Landgrave collections.



In Landgrave we are committed by quality with future generations. Our wish is to offer today’s most advanced technology, to create legitimate art craft pieces that will turn into outdoor and indoor furniture, with characteristics of extreme elegance and durability. In order to guarantee features such as durability, functionality and quality to be present in every piece we manufacture, always exceeding our customers expectations, Landgrave performs a strict evaluation process previous to the distribution of its products.

Since the beginning of our process at the Design Area, where every idea is conceived by the creativity of our artists, searching always a classic style that is timeless; Up to our shipping area where our containers leave, to travel around the world, carrying well sealed boxes with one of our fine collections.

Landgrave’s commitment to quality is present, as one of the best aluminum indoor and outdoor furniture brands world wide.

Live the exceptional experience of Landgrave’s quality, assortment and most vanguardist design collections.

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